My Projects

"Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent."

--David Rockwell--

Projects for Work or School

Present         D&I in Mining and Minerals 

Aug 2019     Komatsu Leadership Shadowing

Aug 2019     Komatsu Vibration Testing

Jul 2019       Komatsu Heat Balance Testing

Jul 2019       Komatsu Brake Testing

Jun 2019      Komatsu  Enhanced Brake Analysis

Jun 2019      Komatsu Customer Fleet Analysis

2018-19        Fecal Sludge Conveyance

Sprg 2019    Ghanaian Food Processing

Sprg 2019    Makerspace Case Study

Fall 2018      Graph Coloring & Opinion Spread

Sum 2018    Tunnel Boring Machine Study

Sum 2018    2018 Joint Analysis Study

Aug 2018     ABI Breakouts Study

Aug 2018     Magma Archive Study

Apr 2018      Geological Dating North Mayo

Apr 2018      Mineralization Characterization

Mar 2018     Geological Mapping Northern Ireland

Sprg 2018    Site Investigation & Foundation Design

Feb 2018     The Oil Game

Feb 2018     "Sending out the Invitations" Article

Jan 2018     "Capitalizing on Conferences" Article

Fall 2017     Metals Alloying and Phase Analysis

Fall 2017     Interdisciplinary Project Documentation

Dec 2017     Synthesizing Artificial Corundum

Dec 2017     Navier-Stokes Modelling

Dec 2017     Kinetic Butterfly Design and Fabrication

Sprg 2017    Analysis of  Design Practices (See Here)

Sep 2017     Material Analysis of Rubber Mallets

Sep 2017     Case Study of a MakerSpace

Sprg 2017    Research into Colloidal Crystallization

May 2017    Thermodynamic Steam Plant Model

May 2017    Youth Manufacturing Activity

Sprg 2017    Research into Makerspaces

Sprg 2017    User Oriented Collaborative Design

Dec 2016      Farmbot Mechanical Design

Dec  2016     Fire Fighting Robot  (See Here)

Sep 2016      Line Following Robot

Sep 2016     3D Scanner 

Aug 2016     TE Design to Specification

Aug 2016     TE Manufacturing Optimization

Aug 2016     TE Plating Supplier Change

May 2016    SUISG: Computational Sculptures

May 2016    Static Physics Teaching Materials

May 2016    Theoretical Marketing Company

Dec 2015     Trebuchet Optimization Model

Dec 2015     Black Heron Stilts

Dec 2015     Salinity Sensor 

Nov 2015     Solar Cooker Optimization Design

Sep 2015     Ketamine Metabolization Model

Projects Just for Me

Sprg 2019     Singapore Photo Travelogue

Fall 2018       FWOP Musical Directing 

Sum 2018     Bladesmithing and Blacksmithing

Sprg 2018     European  Photo Travelogue 

Ongoing         A Wired Aesthetic Jewelry Design 

Fall 2017       A Wired Aesthetic  Sculpture Design

Fall 2017       Lapidary Arts 

Fall 2017       Lapidary Arts Curriculum Development

Fall 2017        Learning Advanced Woodworking

Sum 2017      Oak Carved Practice Weapon Set

Sum 2017      Sgian Dubh Design and Smithing

Sum 2017      Custom Tailored Clothing

Sum 2017      Introductory Stained Glass

Jan 2017        A Set of  Fancy Cloaks

Jan 2017       Vintage '50s Fitted Tunics

Dec 2016       Olin Mobile Forge Cart

Dec 2016       Basic Blacksmithy and Metallurgy

Oct 2016        Metal Sculpted Serpent Mask
Sprg 2016     Olin Gallery Entry

Sprg 2016     CORe Fine Arts Recommendation

Sprg 2016     Artistic Metal Fabrication

Fall 2015       Functional Ceramics

Fall 2015       Basic Leatherworking



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